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5 Simple Ways To Keep Spanish Going Over The Summer

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Spanish vocabularyYour kids are off for two to three months in the summer, and you wonder how much Spanish they are going to forget. There is definitely a loss, but many connections can be kept going with simple activities.

Here are five simple ways you can keep Spanish going for your kids:

  • Tape up 10 vocabulary flashcards on the wall with only a picture showing. Every day have your child say each one aloud in Spanish. Change the cards each week.
  • With the 10 vocabulary flashcards, have your child choose 3 or more to say one sentence for each. Do once a day.
  • Put up a “Verb of the Week”. Every day your child says one sentence using that verb. For challenge, have him/her conjugate it “top/down”. This means they conjugate aloud from the “I” form down to the “they/you all” form only saying the Spanish. Example using comer = to eat
    • como = I eat
    • comes = you eat
    • come = he, she, you formal eat
    • comemos = we eat
    • coméis = you all eat
    • comen = they eat
  • Dictate words or sentences to your child. Give your child a small dry erase board. Kids in my classes love to use these! Say some of the 10 vocabulary words aloud or a sentence from a lesson in the Spanish book aloud. They write and then check spelling.
  • Have an end of the summer vocabulary challenge. Collect up all the vocabulary flashcards used over the summer, show them to your child, and see if he/she can say them all. If he/she does, then treat him/her to ice cream or something else!

Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Your kids won’t whine because it is so quick and easy!


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