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Why I Teach the Spanish Vosotros

To teach the Spanish “vosotros”  or not, that is the question! I choose to teach it and put it in my curriculum for two main reasons. The first reason is because it is part of the language. It is the second person plural form in conjugated verbs in all tenses as well as more

Spanish Question/Answer Caterpillar Game

spanish vocabulary

The Spanish Question/Answer Caterpillar Game is a fun and easy way to get students practicing Spanish verb conjugation, vocabulary, and grammar in a conversational way. This game can be used with elementary and middle school students. You just create a set of question/answer cards with the Spanish vocabulary and verbs and/or more

Spanish for You! for Homeschool or Co-op Classes

Teaching and learning Spanish is fun and easy to do because Spanish for You! provides teachers, parents, and students with step-by-step lessons that never leave you wondering what you need to do and that are filled with a variety of easily taught activities. The philosophy behind the Spanish for You! curriculum more

One-Minute Spanish Practice Ideas

Whether it's summertime or anytime, there are so many easy and fun ways to keep your kids brushed up on their Spanish. Here are a few things to try anytime and just about anywhere. For each idea, begin by setting a timer for minuteand: write as many words or sentences more

Homeschool Reviews on Spanish For You! Curriculum for Kids

Spanish Lesson Plans

If you have been looking for a Spanish curriculum for your homeschool or homeschool co-op classes, you should give this review a read! I believe it is important to have teachers and parents use my curriculum for the purpose of writing reviews as a way to provide hands-on information more

10 Fun Spanish Practice Activities For A Road Trip

Spanish Games

Summertime is road trip time, and what a great opportunity to have fun with the Spanish your kids have been learning! Here are 10 games & activities you can do while on the road. Pick and choose what fits your kids’ ages and what they have learned. Play I Spy in Spanish. more

Themed Spanish Learning Songs For Kids

CHECK OUT our awesome new themed Spanish learning songs. Songs are a great way for kids to learn the natural flow and pronunciation of a language. ​LEARN MORE BELOW. Each song provides your kids or students excellent practice of that theme's vocabulary used in context with related verbs and simple grammar structures.Because more

Learn Some Spanish This Summer With Your Kids

            Are you looking for something fun to do with your kids over the summer? Why not learn some Spanish together! Don’t set lofty goals or pressure yourself about how much you should learn. Just do it, have fun, and let it turn out however it turns out. Enjoy! That is what more

10 Spanish Flashcard Activities For 1-2 People

Spanish Words

If you use Spanish for You! with your kids at home or to teach classes, you already know that they make flashcards. By the end of a school year they have a lot of Spanish vocabulary and verb flashcards. The reason students make so many Spanish flashcards is because it is a more

10-15 Minutes a Day Teaching Spanish to Your Kids is Enough

There are so many things we wish we had time to teach our children, but many of these seem SO BIG, we put off doing them or feel stressed just thinking about it. Learning Spanish for many people is one of those BIG THINGS. They remember their own difficulties learning a foreign language, and more