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A Delicious Mexican Treat: Empanadas

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Mexican food


Tomorrow my students and I will be having a Mexican finger foods party for our last day of classes. I am bringing the empanadas, and here they are.They are a pastry pocket filled with strawberry preserves and rolled in cinnamon sugar, and they are delicious!!  I had never made them before, so I wasn’t sure how well they would turn out. But, once I got past my learning curve on how to successfully fill and crimp them shut, things went great.

We are also going to enjoy taquitos, croquettes, guacamole, salsa, chips, flan, and tres leches cake.  These are all fun foods that can be eaten with the fingers and that most kids like.

I like to add Spanish conversation to the festivities, so I ask for student volunteers to serve the food. Since they are finger foods, the volunteers just hold plates with the items, while the students use please and thank you to ask for them in Spanish. Servers will say “you’re welcome” in Spanish.

While eating, we will continue with Spanish conversation by asking each other if we like the different foods, saying what is mine and yours, and other things the students have learned during the year.

We will finish up our class with different games that they like that practice vocabulary, verbs, and grammar they have learned. These will include Fish Race, the Popsicle Stick Activity, and Around the World. Instructions for these are found on our Curriculum Activities page. Our Curriculum Activities for You! page is an additional page with over 70 games and activities for practicing vocabulary, verbs, and grammar concepts for different levels of student expertise. It is accessible to curriculum users and members.

You can find a copy of the recipe HERE.


PS – If you’re looking for a Spanish curriculum for your homeschool or classes, take a look atSpanish for You! It makes teaching and learning Spanish, easy, fun, and affordable!

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