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First Year Spanish High School Spanish Cultural Projects

Spanish Culture
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If you teach a first year high school Spanish class, you may like this year long cultural project. Spanish for You! is not a high school curriculum, but I do teach a first year high school class, and every year I assign this project.

Each student chooses a Spanish speaking country for their project. The project is divided into five pieces: general information, art and music, architecture, sports, and food. The five parts are assigned at different times during the year, and each part has specific information they must find with questions that must be answered.

When I assign a part, I give students a few weeks to do it. When they turn each part in, it must include pictures and the answers to the questions on notecards, each question with its answer per card. I check the notecards and proof them for errors. When I hand them back, students make the corrections and then hold on to the part to be put together with the rest at the end of the school year.

If you would like a copy of the project pieces, feel free to download here.

At the end of the year, students put all the pieces of their projects together on trifold boards. They also bring in food representative of their country if they would like. Then we pretend we are in a “museum” of countries where students look at each others’ exhibits.

Students each stand in front of someone else’s project. I put on some type of Spanish music in the background, set a timer for one minute while students read the projects. After one minute, I tell the students to shift to the next project over, set the timer for one minute, and so on.

I do this so that they can spend some time learning about other countries while reading entirely in Spanish. Having the students stand one per project and setting the timer ensures they see several projects and prevents chatting.

After all projects have been visited, we enjoy the food.  If you have a large class, then you may want to have students visit seven or eight projects total so that the process doesn’t take too long.

I have done this project for many years now and have found it a great way to infuse some cultural learning!


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