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Learn Commands To Get Your Family Speaking Spanish

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Spanish PhrasesAn easy way to get your family speaking some Spanish is to learn commands. Commands are the things we tell a person or people to do. For example, you might tell your child, “Go to bed.” “Listen.” or “Come here.”

Spanish for You! has a long list of commonly used “commands” along with an audio file that you can find on our Free Mini Lessons page. You can use this with your family even if none of you have Spanish experience. Just print the page, listen to the audio, and repeat the words to learn the pronunciations.

Then, pick a few new commands to begin learning and using in your daily lives. Write some of them on index cards and post on the wall for all to see. Add more to the wall as you begin learning them.

Once you have learned several, try playing Simón Dice (Simon Says) with them. If you get really good at these try playing Simón Dice as fast as you can. The person who is Simón says the commands really quickly and players try to keep up. (Simón Dice – See-moan Dee-seh)

So, give it a try. You will be surprised at how much you learn!

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