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Play The Price is Right in Spanish to Practice More or Less Than

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I am getting ready to play The Price is Right with my students this coming week. They love this game! Have to say, I love it too!

I use this game when they are learning how to say “more than” (más de) and “less than” (menus de) using numbers. Here is what I do:

  1. Choose several items that you set up like in the picture above. Tag each one with its name in Spanish. If your students know the words, no need to label.
  2. On a separate paper, write a price for each item. Since I have grocery shopped a zillion times in my life for my family, I know prices well. If you aren’t a grocery store aficionado, maybe you could look up retail prices online.
  3. Divide your students into groups. I usually do groups of no more than 3 or 4.
  4. When it is a group’s turn, they get to choose an item. They will say, for example, “El cereal, por favor.”
  5. Then you ask, “¿Es el cereal más de $3 dólares o menos de $3 dólares?”
  6. They will answer one or the other. Example: “El cereal es más de $3 dólares.”
  7. If an item they choose is plural, then your question will go like this: “¿Son las galletas más de $3 dólares o menos de $3 dólares?”
  8. They would answer like, “Las galletas son más de $3 dólares.”
  9. When they answer correctly, they get to keep the item.
  10. Keep playing until each team has had an equal number of turns and all the items are gone.
  11. The team with the most items wins!

They always ask me if they get to keep the food. Of course I say, “No, you can’t keep my groceries! I need to put them back in my pantry!”

Give the game a try. It is so much fun! It is great for practicing numbers and vocabulary too.  Enjoy!


Pronunciation help: más de = mahs deh, menos de = meh-nose deh, o = oh, dólares = doh-lah-rehs, es = es, son = sewn
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