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Popsicle Stick Spanish Vocabulary Game

Spanish Vocabulary
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The Popsicle Stick Vocabulary Game is fun and one students ask for often.

The sticks have Spanish words written on one side and English on the other. They get passed out to all the students and teacher gets one too.

Then, teacher begins by calling out his/her stick in English. The student with the Spanish match says his/hers, and then flips that stick over to say the next word in English. Play continues until you have gone through all the sticks.  Someone times the whole thing so you can see how quickly you got through them all.  Then you play again to beat your time.

To get instructions on how to make and play this game, visit my Curriculum Activities page. This is just one of the many simple activities that are incorporated into every Spanish for You! curriculum lesson plan. Check out my curriculum to use with your kids at home or to teach your classes. Fun, easy to use, and AFFORDABLE!


Find this game and other activities on my Pinterest Spanish Class Activities Board.

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