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Spanish Vocabulary Speaking Game

Spanish Vocabulary
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This week I am going to play a game with the students in one of my classes where the theme of our unit is the beach. This is a great game to promote speaking as well as learn new vocabulary or review old.  It is called: Voy a la playa y traigo… (I am going to the beach, and I bring…)

To play you need a large bag, like the beach bag in the picture, and several items that are usually brought to the beach. These should be words your students are learning.

Here is how you play:

  1. Pass out all the items to your students. Ok if some students have more than one item.
  2. Write on the board: “Voy a la playa y traigo…” to help students.
  3. Give the bag to the first student. That student says: “Voy a la playa y traigo ____.” filling in the blank with the name of his item in Spanish.
  4. Student passes the bag to the next student who says the same thing, BUT has to add the previous student’s item, like this: “Voy a la playa y traigola toalla y las sandalias.” (I go to the beach, and I bring the towel and the sandals.)
  5. Bag gets passed to the next student who does the same and has to name his item plus the two previous items.  You get how this continues, right?
  6. Continue going around until all the items are in the bag. Then as a group together see if you can say them all in the sentence, “Voy a la playa y traigo la toalla, las sandalias, la loción protectora, las gafas de sol, etc.”

You can also play this with other themes, like:

  • Voy al parque y traigo… (I go to the park, and I bring…)
  • Voy a la escuela y traigo… (I go to school, and I bring…)
  • Voy de viaje y traigo… (I go on a trip, and I bring…)

Pronunciation help: voy (boy), a (ah), la (la), playa (ply-ah), y (ee), traigo (try-go)

The kids really enjoy this game. Give it a try and have fun!


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