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Spanish Vocabulary Verb Conversation Activity

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Here is a SIMPLE Spanish conversation activity that challenges students to conjugate Spanish verbs and use them in context with vocabulary.

Here’s how:

  1. Have pairs of students place a pile of verb flashcards face down in the “you” form any tense or for more challenge the infinitive* form. (*Infinitive means un-conjugated.)
  2. Each pair also places a pile of Spanish vocabulary flashcards face down (preferably just pictures, but cards with Spanish words are ok).
  3. One player picks up a verb card and vocabulary card and asks a question to the other player using the two cards.
  4. The other player answers the question in a complete sentence using the correct Spanish verb form and the vocabulary word.
  5. If the verb and vocabulary DO NOT make sense when used together, then the player begins his/her answer with “No, no….”
  6. If the verb and vocabulary go together, then the answer begins with “Sí….”

Cards picked up:  escondes (you hide) and los juguetes (the toys)
Question: ¿Escondes los juguetes? (Do you hide the toys?)
Answer: Sí, escondo los juguetes. (Yes, I hide the toys.)

Cards picked up:  vives (you live) and el sofá (the sofa)
Question: ¿Vives en el sofá?  (Do you live in the sofa?)
Answer: No, no vivo en el sofá. (No, I don’t live in the sofa.)

Cards picked up: mirar (to look at) and el espejo (the mirror)
Question: ¿Miras el espejo? (Do you look at the mirror?)
Answer: Sí, miro el espejo. (Yes, I look at the mirror.)

While this seems like a very easy activity, it makes students really think and pushes them to know the meanings of their verbs and vocabulary as well as how to conjugate verbs in the tenses they are studying.

My students always enjoy this activity. I’m sure yours will too!


PS – If you are looking for a fun and easy to use Spanish curriculum for your classes or homeschool, take a look at Spanish for You!

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