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Using Comic Strips to Practice Spanish

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Using comic strips can be a fun way to create and illustrate “conversations” in Spanish. Many students who like to draw find this enjoyable and engaging. And for students who are not as interested in drawing, it can still be a good way to get them thinking in Spanish because they write only in Spanish and then use pictures to show meaning.

I like to use this as a way for students to practice the many Common Words and Phrases found in all the Spanish for You! books. It is also great for creating conversations using the vocabulary, verbs, and grammar in any of the lessons.

The sample shown above was done by a student who enjoys art. The second is done by a student who is not so much into art. I like to show this example because although it is not as elaborate, it does show how students who are less interested in illustrating can still do a good job showing meaning accurately without having to spend the time drawing something more detailed.



Give this a try anytime during your use of Spanish for You! You will be amazed at the creative comic strips your students come up with. I just smile every time I read the many that get turned in to me from my classes. I love seeing the different ideas that students have! I think you will too.

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