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Spanish Phrases
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One way Spanish for You! builds conversation skills is by teaching students to ask and answer questions. This includes questions that practice verbs, grammar, and common words and phrases. One thing I like to do as a class warm up is have students “mingle” asking and answering questions to each other.

Before class begins I write several questions on the board (about 6 to 8) that I know the students know how to answer. For example, I might write all the common words and phrases questions they have been learning, like “¿Cómo estás?, ¿Cómo te llamas?, ¿De dónde eres?, ¿Cuántos años tienes? etc. I might also include a few questions using verbs and vocabulary questions they have been learning from the Spanish for You! curriculum, like ¿Juegas con los juguetes?, ¿Limpias el cuarto?, ¿Escribes en el papel?, ¿Miras el sol? and so on. (These are questions using material from my Mi vida and Estaciones themed packages.)

Then I have students come together in the middle of the room and “mingle”. They have to ask a different question to a different person until they have asked all the questions. The other person has to answer in a full sentence, or if that is too hard, with a one word or phrase answer.

This is a great warm up and gives the kids a chance to “converse” in a comfortable way because they are using things they have been learning and know pretty well.


Oh, and if you are looking for a Spanish curriculum for your homeschool or to teach classes, take a look at Spanish for You! It is simple, effective, and affordable!

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