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Using Paper Cubes to Practice Spanish

Using paper cubes to practice Spanish is fun, easy, and versatile. You can use them to practice Spanish verb conjugations, tell stories, and ask questions. And with some imagination, I am sure you can think of more ways to use them to practice! First you need to know how you can more

Enhance Spanish Learning with Song Recordings

There are so many ways you can enhance Spanish learning with song recordings at home or in a classroom. Depending on your specific students, their ages and personalities, as well as your teaching style, circumstances, or goals/objectives, below are some ideas that may fit your needs. Listening Practice: Students listen more

What “Kind” of Spanish Should Your Kids Learn?


What “kind” of Spanish should your kids learn? Should they learn Spain Spanish, Mexican Spanish, or Spanish particular to any other country? In a way, it doesn’t really matter. As long as your kids are learning the structure of the language, they will be able to communicate with Spanish speakers more

Homeschool Spanish – Easy and Fun Summer Practice Ideas

The homeschool year has ended, and you and your children have worked hard all year. Everyone's ready for a break! But, you wonder if over the summer they are going to forget much of what they have learned. What can you do? You can make practice easy and fun. Here are some more

10 Enjoyable, No-Prep Spanish Class Warm-Ups

I always like to start my elementary and middle school Spanish classes with an easy warm-up to help students get focused, ease in to using their Spanish, and set a comfortable, friendly tone for the class. I keep the activities simple using material that the students have already mastered. Once more

Help Kids Learn Spanish Successfully by Doing

Understanding, speaking, reading, and writing - those are the four skills we want students to master when learning Spanish. But the question is, how do we do that in a way that successfully does the job? I believe it is by having them “do” and use their senses. When children learn more

Spanish Conversation Card Activity

Spanish phrases

I am always trying to think of effective and engaging ways for my students to practice Spanish conversation. Many times it is hard to get them speaking because they feel self-conscious or they go into "deer in the headlights" mode if put on the spot to just "converse" in Spanish. This more

Spanish Conversation Building Idea: Write Skits

A great way to build Spanish conversation as well as reading and writing skills is to write and perform skits. The process of writing and performing skits pushes students to creatively bring together the many verbs, vocabulary, and grammar concepts they have been learning in an open-ended communicative way. I follow these more

Spanish Practice Ideas Using Toys

Spanish Games

If your kids are learning Spanish, there are so many ways you can use toys to add some hands-on practice. Hands-on practice is valuable because it provides students with a multi-sensory learning experience where they touch, look, listen, speak, and move around. They become totally immersed in the practice, and more