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How Your Children Can Become Fluent in Spanish

You're a parent looking for a path on how your children can become fluent in Spanish. There are many paths that can be taken. Some people have access to dual-language programs where their children attend the local school and are immersed in Spanish everyday. Dual-language programs do the work for more

Teaching Spanish Remotely with Spanish for You!

Teaching Spanish remotely with Spanish for You! is easy. In my April newsletter, I provided teachers with a guide on how to do this, but I thought it would be beneficial to write a blog post to hopefully reach more Spanish for You! teachers. It may also give other Spanish more

Spanish Conversation Activity Using Flashcards

Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards

Last week I did a Spanish conversation activity with vocabulary flashcards in a small class of grades 4-8 students. I decided to write a blog post on it because they liked it so much! And, that being the case, I thought your students might enjoy it too, as well as more

Spanish Speaking Countries Warm-Up Activity

Globe for Spanish Speaking Countries

I recently used the Spanish Speaking Countries Warm-Up Activity to begin my class of 6th to 8th graders. It's always important to begin Spanish class with an easy and enjoyable warm-up activity so that students can comfortably transition their brains from using English to Spanish. To do this activity, no prior more

Spanish Vocabulary Fun Playing Password

You and your students or kids at home can have some Spanish vocabulary fun playing Password. Many people are familiar with the game Password, and I created a simple way to modify the game and use it as a fun and effective way to practice Spanish vocabulary. I recently played Password more

Practice Spanish Commands by Writing Ads

A creative and fun way to practice Spanish commands is by writing ads. Spanish commands are a form of Spanish verbs used to tell a person or several people to do things. With Spanish for You!, students learn lots of commands and practice them via many different activities. One activity more

Spontaneous Spanish Class Conversation

Yesterday while teaching a tiny homeschool Spanish class, 5 students grades 5-8, we had what I’m calling a spontaneous Spanish class conversation. It was one of those times when all the stars seem to align and a magical learning situation emerges. As a teacher, I bet you’ve had times like more

Using Spanish Songs for Kids to Enhance Language Learning

Spanish songs for kids

Using Spanish songs for kids is a powerful way to enhance language learning. Songs help kids develop an intuitive feel for the language because they provide an intellectual, emotional, and physical connection. And they’re lots of fun! Here at Spanish for You!, we have created 15 thematic Spanish songs for kids more

Spanish Story Writing Activity: Pasa el papel

The Spanish story writing activity, Pasa el papel (Pass the Paper) gets students using their language skills in a creative and spontaneous way. Students work in groups. They pass a piece of paper to each other with each person writing a sentence to add to the story. The students are provided more

Spanish Vocabulary Spelling Activities

Spanish vocabulary spelling activities are important because they not only help students learn to spell, but they also improve their understanding of pronunciation. I like to do activities that specifically focus on spelling in a fun way and that allow me to integrate pronunciation tips at the same time. Interactive Spanish more