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Spontaneous Spanish Class Conversation

Yesterday while teaching a tiny homeschool Spanish class, 5 students grades 5-8, we had what I’m calling a spontaneous Spanish class conversation. It was one of those times when all the stars seem to align and a magical learning situation emerges. As a teacher, I bet you’ve had times like more

Using Spanish Songs for Kids to Enhance Language Learning

Spanish songs for kids

Using Spanish songs for kids is a powerful way to enhance language learning. Songs help kids develop an intuitive feel for the language because they provide an intellectual, emotional, and physical connection. And they’re lots of fun! Here at Spanish for You!, we have created 15 thematic Spanish songs for kids more

Spanish Story Writing Activity: Pasa el papel

The Spanish story writing activity, Pasa el papel (Pass the Paper) gets students using their language skills in a creative and spontaneous way. Students work in groups. They pass a piece of paper to each other with each person writing a sentence to add to the story. The students are provided more

Spanish Vocabulary Spelling Activities

Spanish vocabulary spelling activities are important because they not only help students learn to spell, but they also improve their understanding of pronunciation. I like to do activities that specifically focus on spelling in a fun way and that allow me to integrate pronunciation tips at the same time. Interactive Spanish more

Synthesize Spanish Learning by Writing Stories or Journals

Spanish journal

Students can synthesize Spanish learning by writing stories or journals. It is also a great way to focus practice on specific Spanish grammar concepts, vocabulary, or verb conjugations. Students can write independently, or as a teacher you can write stories or pretend journal entries together in class. I like to more

Summer Homeschooling: 4-6 Week Fun Spanish Lessons Plus Free Song

Spanish Lesson Plans

If you’ve thought about doing summer homeschooling this year, you might want to consider including Spanish in the mix. Fun Spanish lessons are a great way to help your kids review, learn something new, or build some foundations prior to beginning Spanish in the fall. 4-6 Week Downloadable Fun Spanish Lessons At more

Spanish Dictation – a Multi-Purpose Practice

Spanish Dictation

Spanish Dictation is a multi-purpose practice that parents and teachers can use easily at any time. They can use it as a quick, impromptu activity or a planned activity in a lesson plan. Kids find it enjoyable and gain many benefits from doing it. How to Do Spanish Dictation I like to more

Spanish Curriculum Giveaway for Schools

Starting April 9th, there will be a Spanish Curriculum Giveaway for Schools of the Spanish for You! curriculum! If you are a school teacher or administrator, you will be able to enter to win enough materials to teach a class at your school for up to 25 students for an more

How to Use Pictures to Nurture Spanish Fluency

Learning how to use pictures to nurture Spanish fluency is something simple that anyone can do at any time to enrich their students’ learning. A parent or a teacher can use pictures in many ways to give their students the opportunity to use all they have learned in a spontaneous more

What Is “You Formal” in Spanish?

What is “You Formal” in Spanish? Recently I had someone ask me this question, so, I thought I would give a quick explanation here for anyone else wondering. YOU FORMAL in Spanish is a grammar structure we use when talking to another person we do not speak to on a first more