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Free Spanish Alphabet Lesson For Kids

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If you are looking to learn the Spanish alphabet, there is a FREE mini lesson available on my Free Mini Lesson page.

Here I highlight what comes with the lesson and provide 10 ideas for practicing.

The free lesson comes with:

  • an audio to hear the letters with time for you to repeat
  • an audio of one of my classes singing the alphabet
  • an alphabet and pronunciation guide – you can look at this while listening to either of the audios
  • a couple of worksheets to practice

Ten things I do with my students to practice:

  1. Write letters randomly on the board, and they shout them out in Spanish.
  2. Give them dry erase squares and markers, say letters aloud, and they write them.  They love using the dry erase squares. What I do for this (nice and cheap!) is buy a large dry erase poster at a teacher supply store and cut it into large squares. Works great!
  3. Dictate letters to them that spell a Spanish vocabulary word. They love to try to guess it before I finish spelling it.
  4. Sing the alphabet song – kids grade 4 and younger like this best. Older students prefer to just recite it aloud.
  5. Play Hangman as a class OR let them play in pairs. They try to guess vocabulary words or sentences using the Spanish letters.
  6. For a larger group of students, write separate letters on card stock and pass them out. Then shout out one letter at a time. Student with each letter comes to front. When I have finished shouting out letters, they see it spells a Spanish word they know.
  7. Spell words aloud together. Hold up a flashcard, point to each letter as the students say them.
  8. Play Matamoscas (Swat the Flies). Students on two teams race to “swat” the letter first. Instructions on my Curriculum Activities page. Super easy and fun!  All ages like this game.
  9. Play Around the World. Hold up a letter flashcard, and two players try to shout it out first. On my Curriculum Activities page.
  10. Play ¿Cuál falta? (What’s Missing?).  Write several letters on the board. Students close eyes, and I take one away. They open eyes and have to guess which one is missing.

There are so many fun things you can do to practice the alphabet. Do you have any fun ideas to share here?


PS – If you’re looking for a fun and easy to use Spanish curriculum to teach your classes or for your homeschool, take a look at Spanish for You!

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