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FREE Spanish Christmas Giant Stocking Game

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I just put together this FREE Spanish Christmas Fill Your Giant Stocking Game for kids. You can use this with elementary and middle school children at home or in your classroom. No Spanish experience needed by parent, teacher, or student. Just download, play, learn, and have fun!

This little game is an enjoyable way for kids to learn 12 Spanish vocabulary words for Christmas. There are vocabulary cards you print and use as you play, and that you can use to play other games too. You can find other game ideas here, like Matamoscas, Memory, and more. Make up your own games too!


After downloading, you will print the PDF (4 pages), and you can use the audio on your computer, iPod, iPad, etc.

I hope you find the game lots of fun and educational. If you’re ever looking for a Spanish curriculum to use with your kids at home or to teacher your classes, please give Spanish for You! a look. It is designed to make implementing a Spanish program easy and affordable for you as well as effective and fun for your students. You can watch a short video here about it too!


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