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Free Spanish Fill Your Backpack Game

Free Spanish Fill Your Backpack Game
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Warm up your students or kids at home for Spanish with my Free Spanish Fill Your Backpack Game. This fun, simple game effectively teaches kids Spanish vocabulary associated with the things they use for school. Starting a game like this is a great way to build enthusiasm for learning Spanish and help kids see that they can do it!

The game comes as a four page PDF download with an MP3 audio file too! The audio file lets you hear everything so you know how to correctly pronounce all the words. There are step-by-step, easy instructions, cute character game pieces, Spanish vocabulary picture cards, and a game board. Find it here.

All you need in addition to the downloaded items is one die and some paper or card stock. Personally I like card stock better because it is sturdier.

After your students or kids listen to and repeat aloud the vocabulary while reading along with the audio, they will play the game. Each player will roll the die moving around the game board trying to collect all the items needed to fill his or her backpack. Once a player fills his or her backpack, that player is ready to roll the die to go to school. The first player to make it to school with all the required items in their backpack wins.

This game can be played with up to 4 people. And, parents, if you don’t know Spanish, it doesn’t matter. You can play too! The game is designed so you learn as you play.

After you play the game, you can look here to get ideas on how you can use the Spanish vocabulary cards to do other activities. Or, use your own creativity to think of fun games to play.

I hope you enjoy the Free Spanish Fill Your Backpack Game. Find it here. And, best wishes for a great school year!


PS – If you’re looking for a playful, easy-to-use, and effective curriculum for your elementary or middle school classes or homeschool, take a look at Spanish for You!

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