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Handy Materials to Have On Hand When Using Spanish For You!

Supply List
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I thought it would be helpful to give parents and teachers a list of materials handy to have on hand when using Spanish for You! You should find these items sufficient for doing just about any game or activity in the Spanish for You! curriculum.

  • lots of index cards (Almost always cut them in half to get more for the money!)
  • colored card stock for making flashcards for class use and various games
  • dry erase squares and markers for students to use (Buy 2 or 3 large dry erase posters at a teacher supply store and cut them into big squares for the students to use. They love these!)
  • glue sticks, scissors, markers – mostly for teacher use
  • about 2 to 4 flyswatters – for a Swat the Flies game (Matamoscas in Spanish.)
  • sticky notes – mostly for covering the words on the teacher flashcards for various class games and activities
  • large craft popsicle sticks (only used for the Popsicle Stick Activity)
  • dice
  • items to mark Bingo cards
  • a large world map and/or several smaller world maps used for playing some games (a great way to incorporate Geography into your lessons)

If you ever have questions while using Spanish for You!, whether at home or for class use, please feel free to contact me at

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