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Homeschool Spanish Curriculum Grades 3-8

  • No need to know Spanish to use this with your kids!
  • Fun, themed school-year packages that ​can be done in any order.
  • Rather than complete levels, students progress the more themes they complete.
  • Use with beginners or kids with some experience.

All Homeschool Packages (order below) contain:

homeschool SpanishTextbook

This is the the content the student learns in the theme.

homeschool SpanishLesson Guide

Daily lessons that you follow in order at your own pace. Fun and lots of variety to appeal to all learning styles!

homeschool SpanishFlashcard/Activity Pictures

Pictures for making flashcards and doing fun activities.

homeschool SpanishWorksheets

Worksheets with answer keys that students actually enjoy and that build confidence!

homeschool SpanishAudio

Audio so you can hear everything!


Homeschool Packages – All Reusable

Choose which theme interests you and order it in the age/grade level of your child. If you have more than one child, read these tips to help you decide which grade level to order: