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Homeschool Mom Tells Why She Uses Spanish for You!

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Renita Terrell of the Teaching Parents Association of Wichita, KS recently told me why she uses Spanish for You! with her children. I share this here so that if you are looking for a curriculum for your kids grades 3-8, you have some reference.

She told me:
“I tell everyone the reason we choose Spanish for You! is that it is affordable and easy to use.  The Lesson Plans are ‘fool proof’.  They are well laid out and easy to understand.  Each day has instruction for the day and exactly what to do.  There is no guess work or questioning if you are doing the right thing.  There are extra ideas to help make the lessons stick, like games and flashcards.
The book can be shared by the entire family and is laid out very well.  The information is useful and easy to find.  Having the audio of the pages is priceless.  To hear the page read to you so you can hear it is invaluable.

I can’t stress the cost enough.  As a homeschooling mom, it is unbelievably expensive.  To have a curriculum that does what it is supposed to at a price you can afford is like frosting on the cupcake!”

Here is a link to her formal review of the curriculum:

If you are looking for a Spanish curriculum for your children, maybe this parent feedback will be helpful to you. If you have any questions about Spanish for You!, please feel free to contact me directly at


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