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Homeschool Spanish Learning Holiday Gift Ideas

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Some years ago my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. One item I said I wanted was a big, laminated world map! That might sound like a strange thing to ask for, but I wanted it for playing different games in my classes.

As a teacher I spend money buying items I think will be fun and effective to use in my lessons, but it can get expensive. For that reason, I really enjoy receiving gifts I can use for teaching.

Since homeschool parents are teachers, I thought I would provide a list of gift ideas for your homeschool to treat yourself or that someone else can gift you:

  • Songs to supplement your Spanish for You! Mi vida, Conversaciones, or Viajes themed homeschool curriculum packages. Set of 5 songs with lyrics for singing along $8.99. Sold as MP3 downloads you can put on any device or burn to a CD.
  • Homeschool themed packages for grades 3-8 – $39.95 with 24-30 weeks of fun, easy-to-do, step-by-step lessons. Use with multiple ages. All materials reusable too!
  • Homeschool 4 and 6 week trial packages for grades 3-8 – $8.99 and $10.99. A great way to get your feet wet learning Spanish.

If you’re buying any of these gifts for someone else, please don’t worry about the time limit for the download items. Just drop me a note at, and when needed, we can forward the link to your gift recipient.

Happy Holidays!


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