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Mr. Caterpillar for the Spanish Alphabet

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Spanish AlphabetI recently had a reviewer use my Estaciones package with her Pre-K son. She found some very clever ways to adapt the curriculum for his age.
One neat thing she did was to use Mr. Caterpillar shown on the wall here to learn the Spanish alphabet. She told her son that Mr. Caterpillar had just gone to Mexico and now knows the Spanish alphabet. They use this as a way to practice.When I saw this I loved it! I loved it because of the enticing visual it provides for students, plus I loved the many other things you could find to do with it. For example, you could use it to learn the colors, vocabulary, and even verb conjugations. With vocabulary you could glue pictures of the vocabulary words and then say that Mr. Caterpillar went to different Spanish speaking countries and bought these things on his trip. Then take time at the beginning of your lesson to point to various pictures and have your student(s) tell you what Mr. Caterpillar has. Of course they will tell you in Spanish! You could also segment off parts of Mr. Caterpillar and put a label on the wall for each segment with the name of a Spanish speaking country. Then, connect that with finding the country on a map.For verbs you could do a string of colors for each verb. For example, the red circle begins with the un-conjugated (infinitive) verb form, then the blue has the “I” form, then the green has the “you” form, and so on. So that then students can look at the big, long caterpillar and see all the “I” forms on blue circles, all the “you” forms on green circles. OR you could do verbs in different colors meaning that all of one verb and its forms is a string of red circles, another verb is a string of blue circles, etc.

Another idea is to use our verb song to sing or our verb chant to say (samples of these are in the audio files) as you point to the caterpillar. During the school year, you just keep adding to the caterpillar and see it grow!

If you ever have neat ideas you would like to share, please send them in. I would love to share them on this blog post and link them back to your website if you have one.

¡Hasta pronto! (Until soon!)

PS – If you would like to read more specifically what this mom did with her son, please visit her blog It is worth the read.

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