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One-Minute Spanish Practice Ideas

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Spanish Words

Whether it’s summertime or anytime, there are so many easy and fun ways to keep your kids brushed up on their Spanish. Here are a few things to try anytime and just about anywhere. For each idea, begin by setting a timer for minuteand:

  1. write as many words or sentences in Spanish as you can think of. Then check your spelling.
  2. say or write a Spanish word for each letter of the Spanish alphabet. See how far through the alphabet you can get!
  3. go through a stack of Spanish vocabulary pictures saying each in Spanish. See how many you can do!
  4. look at a list of infinitive (un-conjugated) Spanish verbs, and conjugate as many out loud as you can.
  5. look at a list of infinitive Spanish verbs and write the conjugations for each.
  6. look at a list of infinitive Spanish verbs and write or say the conjugations for a specific subject. For example, say or write all the “I” forms or all the “we” forms.
  7. count the 60 seconds aloud in Spanish.
  8. count as high as you can. See how far you get!
  9. make it harder and count by 5’s or 10’s.
  10. have someone write numbers randomly on paper, and you say them in Spanish. See how many you can get. For any you miss, the person just crosses off that number.
  11. Have someone write simple addition equations on paper one at a time. You say the sums in Spanish. See how many you can get. For example: 4 + 5, 10 + 5, or make them more difficult if you’re practicing bigger numbers.
  12. Have someone say subjects and infinitive Spanish verbs. You conjugate as many as you can. Example: I/comer, we/correr, they/abrir, etc.
  13. Say a silly, run-on sentence never stopping until the minute is up.
  14. Have someone ask you a list of Spanish questions that you have to answer in Spanish. If you use Spanish for You!, they can do questions from the Interactive Use of Verbs sections in your book.
  15. Go around your house and touch and say as many things as you can. No repeating any words! As you touch and say, count each item. For example, “el libro (one), el papel (two), la silla (three) so you know how many you do.

You can do any of these with someone else and try to beat each other.

If you have any fun and easy one-minute practice ideas, please feel free to share here so others can do them too!


PS – If you’re looking for a fun and easy curriculum for your homeschool or Spanish classes, give us a look. Spanish for You! makes teaching and learning Spanish a breeze, really!

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