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What level do I begin my child in if I use Spanish for You!?
You can choose any Spanish for You! themed package in the grade level of your child. The grade levels of our themed packages do not …

About Our Downloads
You will receive an email right after you place your order with links for your downloads. Be sure to check your inbox or junk/spam folder for the e-mail.

Once you open your …

FREE bonus audio
The entire textbook recorded by a native speaker from Mexico so students can practice their speaking and listening at a more advanced level.
MP3 download for easy storage on …

The entire textbook is recorded by our author so you can hear all the material at an easy to understand pace.
The lesson guide tells you when you need to use the audio and which file to use.

One page worksheets with answer keys

A variety of practice methods.
Self-checking with answer keys so students see their errors and understand concepts as they are learning them.
Provided as …

Black and white pictures of all the vocabulary in the textbook.
Print on paper or card stock to make flashcards and to use for various activities.
Students have fun coloring them too!
Provided …

Daily lesson guide to follow step by step

4 days/week, 10-30 min/day or at your own pace.
Student(s) do a variety of listening, speaking, reading, and writing games and activities appropriate …