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4-6 Week Trial

Spanish Lesson PlansTrials from our Viajes Themed Package

6 Weeks Grades 3-4 $10.99 | 4 Weeks Grades 5-8 $8.99

Students learn language useful in everyday life through the context of transportation and travel. They learn vocabulary as well as how to conjugate verbs and use grammar concepts to confidently speak, read, and write about travels via car, plane, train, and bus.

Trial package comes with:

  • e-book textbook – Note: the e-book contains the first unit in our Viajes themed textbook.
  • lesson guide follow daily step-by-step – filled with multi-sensory listening, speaking, reading, and writing games/activities
  • audio of entire textbook
  • BONUS audio of native speaker of entire book
  • flashcard/activity pictures
  • one-page worksheets with answer keys
  • access to our Curriculum Activities for You! page filled with over 80 games/activities and freebies.​

To order trial below:

  • Choose if you would like a trial package for grades 3-4 or 5-8.
  • The grade levels on the trials indicate the age/grade of the students, not Spanish experience.
  • Click BOTH buttons for the trial package you choose.
  • To use this to teach a class/group, you must order ONE TRIAL UNIT PER STUDENT.

Payment and Receiving Order:

  • Payment is made via PayPal. You can pay as a guest using your credit card.
  • When you order, your trial package is emailed to you automatically.
  • Please download the trial within 5 days before the email link expires.

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Packages and Extra Textbooks

To order the 4-Week Grades 5-8 or 6-Week Grades 3-4 trials, please click BOTH buttons.

Spanish for You! Viajes 4-Week Package G5-8


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Spanish for You! Viajes 4-Week E-book G5-8


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Spanish for You! Viajes 6-Week Package G3-4


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Spanish for You! Viajes 6-Week E-book & Lesson Guide G3-4


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