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Spanish for You! Fiestas (Celebrations)

Homeschool Program for Kids Grades 3-8

Fiestas (Celebrations) is a year-long curriculum package that focuses on the student developing everyday language skills within the context of cultural celebrations of Spanish speaking countries. Your learner will develop the ability to understand, speak, read, and write in full sentences through the 5 package units: The Birthday Party, Day of the Dead, Carnival, Holy Week, and The April Fair of Seville, Spain.

Package comes with one textbook mailed to you plus these downloads emailed to you:
daily lesson guide (PDF), worksheets (PDF), audio (MP3), bonus audio (MP3), flashcard/activity pictures (PDF), and access to our Curriculum Users page filled with free extras.​

To order materials below:

  • Choose package in grade level 3-4, 5-6 or 7-8. Use is flexible. Read here.
  • Grade level indicates the content is taught in a way suitable for children of that age/grade.
  • No Spanish experience needed.
  • Outside US or Canada, contact us to order.

About our downloads:

  • Emailed to you upon ordering. Please download within 5 days.
  • The PDF downloads print as you go, 1 to 3 pages Lesson Guide and 1 to 3 worksheets per week.
  • The PDF’s are available pre-printed in optional workbooks below if you do not want to print.


  • Payment is made via PayPal. You can pay as a guest with your credit card.
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Packages and Extra Textbooks

In the works! Printed workbooks of the downloads so you don’t have to print if you prefer not to. Currently, we have printed workbooks for our Mi vida, Conversaciones, Estaciones, and Viajes themes if you would like to choose one of those themes instead.

Fiestas – Extra Textbook


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Fiestas – Grades 7-8 Pkg


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Fiestas – Grades 5-6 Pkg


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Fiestas – Grades 3-4 Pkg


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