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Spanish for You! Verbos

27 Week Homeschool Program for Kids GradeSpanish Verbss 5-8

Students develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills useful in everyday life through the context of these five units: School Things, Numbers 1-25, Personal Things, Pets, and Wild Animals. While these units are unrelated, they are brought together in a clever way allowing students to learn language about things that interest them and that they can use in daily life.

This theme also gives students the extra challenge of learning to use verbs in the present and past tenses as well as reflexive verbs. It’s a great choice for students who have completed one or two other Spanish for You! themes. But, like all our themes, it can be used with inexperienced students too!

Package comes with one textbook mailed to you plus these downloads emailed to you:

daily lesson guide (PDF), worksheets (PDF), audio (MP3), bonus audio (MP3), flashcard/activity pictures (PDF), and access to our Curriculum Activities for You! page filled with free extras.

About our downloads:

  • When you order, they are emailed to you automatically.
  • Please download within 5 days before the link expires.
  • The PDF downloads print as you go, 1 to 3 pages Lesson Guide and 1 to 3 worksheets per week.
  • They are available already printed in optional workbooks below if you do not want to print.

To order:

  • Choose the grade level(s) package of your student(s).
  • Content in all the packages is the same. The grade level indicates that HOW the student learns the material is appropriate for his age/grade.
  • No Spanish experience needed.
  • Choose a grades 3-8 package if you have children of different ages/grades. More economical!


  • Payment is made via PayPal. You can pay as a guest with your credit card.

If you need materials to teach classes, like at a school or homeschool co-op, please look here.

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