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Race Around the Spanish Speaking World

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Spanish VocabularyThis game is lots of fun for practicing anything from Spanish vocabulary to verb conjugations, answering questions in Spanish, filling in blanks, etc.

We used the game to practice conjugating verbs, using ser vs. estar correctly conjugated with fill-in-the blank sentences, and translating sentences from Spanish to English and then more difficult from English to Spanish.

The game is great because students learn where many Spanish speaking countries are located. My students also learned that in Brazil they speak Portuguese and not Spanish. I always love asking the students, “Does anyone know what they speak in Brazil?” because most assume Spanish since it is part of South America. They always seem interested to learn otherwise.

For instructions on how to play this game, visit my Curriculum Activities page.  This game normally appears on my Curriculum Activities for You! page, but I am going to post it for everyone for a few days.



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