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Spanish Conversation Card Activity

Spanish phrases
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I am always trying to think of effective and engaging ways for my students to practice Spanish conversation. Many times it is hard to get them speaking because they feel self-conscious or they go into “deer in the headlights” mode if put on the spot to just “converse” in Spanish.

This Spanish Conversation Cards Activity works well because it provides support and guidance while also allowing students to spontaneously and creatively say their own sentences and questions. It is super easy to prep and can be used with any material you are teaching.

You basically create a set of cards with sentences and questions that use vocabulary, verbs, and grammar the students have been learning. Every student gets at least 2 or more cards. One person begins the conversation by saying a sentence or question from their card. Another student responds with something on one of their own cards, or they make up a response of their own. The conversation continues in this way until all the cards have been used.

It’s important to make sure students understand that the conversation may be a little rough around the edges, but that’s ok. The point is to communicate in Spanish!

If you can allow at least 10 minutes or longer for the activity, you will give students a chance to warm up and get past the awkward beginning part. It sometimes takes hearing what others come up with to jog the memory and spark ideas. It also allows students time to search their memories and put things together.

This activity can be done in pairs, small groups, or as a whole class.

Give it a try and have fun chatting in Spanish with your students!


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