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Spanish Curriculum Giveaway for Schools

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Starting April 9th, there will be a Spanish Curriculum Giveaway for Schools of the Spanish for You! curriculum! If you are a school teacher or administrator, you will be able to enter to win enough materials to teach a class at your school for up to 25 students for an entire school year for free!


The giveaway will take place from April 9-23. We will ask entrants to tell us what the top feature is that they look for in a Spanish class curriculum as well as the grade they teach. The giveaway will be handled by Spanish Playground, a resource website that we sponsor. The winner will be chosen randomly, and entrants must be from a US school.

The prize valued at $523.73 will consist of:

  • 1 x Spanish for You! Option 2 Teacher Package in the theme and grade level of your choice (**see details below)
  • 25 x Spanish for You! Themed Textbooks to match the Teacher Package theme.
  • 1 x Set Supplemental Songs (MP3)

**Option 2 Teacher Package will contain a textbook (hard copy), weekly lesson plans (PDF), coordinating weekly student practice/homework (PDF), flashcards (PDF), worksheets (PDF), and audio of entire textbook (MP3). All you need for the entire school year and reusable!

Learn about how easy it is to teach classes using Spanish for You!

Grade level choices are Grades 3-4, 5-6, or 7-8. The grade level choices do not reflect Spanish experience, but rather that the lessons are designed for students of that age/grade.

The theme choices are: Mi vida, Conversaciones, Viajes, Estaciones, Fiestas, and Verbos. Browse them here. Just scroll down the page to Theme Package Choices to see Table of Contents for each.

If you’ve been looking for a Spanish curriculum for your elementary or middle school classes, this is a great opportunity to try something new at no cost!


¡Mucha suerte!

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