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Spanish Enrichment

All Spanish for You! products can be used for Spanish enrichment for elementary school, middle school, homeschool, after-school, and private classes/tutoring to supplement your materials or provide you with a full program where everything is already done for you!Debbie with Spanish For You spanish language

If you use our full Spanish curriculum, you will see how it is so flexible that you can mix different ages together, go at your own pace, modify lesson plans, seamlessly integrate new students with experienced students, and more!

If you don’t need a full program, but just want materials to supplement your own ideas or curriculum, we’ve got something for you too!

Find Spanish materials to fit your needs:

If you have an idea for implementing a Spanish enrichment program in your homeschool, homeschool co-op, elementary school, middle school, or your own private classes, and would like some help knowing how you can use Spanish for You! for your program, please contact Debbie to discuss and/or  arrange a phone consultation.