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Spanish Question/Answer Caterpillar Game

spanish vocabulary
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The Spanish Question/Answer Caterpillar Game is a fun and easy way to get students practicing Spanish verb conjugation, vocabulary, and grammar in a conversational way. This game can be used with elementary and middle school students.

You just create a set of question/answer cards with the Spanish vocabulary and verbs and/or grammar that you would like your students to practice. For example, if you are doing a unit on food, then pull together questions that use vocabulary and verbs from that unit. Include grammar in those questions too if you can/need to.

Examples of question/answer cards can be seen in the photo above.

Then divide your students into pairs and give each pair a set of cards, about 20 different questions so that one person has 10 and the other has 10 different ones.

They take turns asking the questions to each other. If a player answers correctly, then he/she gets to draw a body segment onto his/her caterpillar. The player who has the longest caterpillar when they have gone through all the questions wins.

You can modify this to play as a class together. To do this, just divide your students into teams. As you ask teams questions, they get to add a body segment to their caterpillar for every one they answer correctly. You can let them draw their caterpillars themselves or draw them for the teams on your board.

If you use Spanish for You!, you can get many of your questions from the Interactive Use of Verbs section in your book and/or from the worksheets. You can also use questions from the Common Words and Phrases page.

You can also have students create their own questions. The possibilities to vary this game to fit your needs are many!

To get your PDF copy of this game’s instructions, just download HERE.

PS – If you are looking for a Spanish curriculum for your elementary or middle school classes or homeschool, give us a look!

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