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Spanish for You!’s Newest Review

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Spanish Lesson PlansHomeschool mom, LaToya Edwards, has been using our Spanish for You! Viajes package for the last few months with her two elementary aged boys. She comments:

“The lesson plans are super easy to follow. Just open up the document and read. It’s just that simple. All the worksheets, audios and flashcards are organized by lesson. I had no trouble at all finding the things that I needed for each lesson.”

One of the things I try to do is make using Spanish for You! a stress-free experience for parents. When I get feedback like this, it confirms I am on the right track.

When you use Spanish for You!, you literally follow a “list”, Week 1 Day 1 do this, then this, then this.  Week 1, Day 2, do this, then this, then this.  It’s that simple. (And if you want to slow things down, that’s ok. Just follow the “list” in order.)



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