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Student Organizes Verb Flashcards

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With Spanish for You! students make verb and vocabulary flashcards to use with various activities throughout the curriculum.

This Spanish for You! student organized her verb flashcards into an index card box where she put all the conjugations for each verb in separate sections.

Flashcards are a great learning tool. Whether students are making them for vocabulary or verbs, they actually begin learning the words as they make the cards because their attention is focused on them.

These are some of the activities students do:

  • ¿Cuál falta? (What’s Missing?) – Just lay out some cards, take one away while others’ eyes are closed, they open their eyes and guess which one is missing.
  • Make sentences by putting conjugated verb and vocabulary cards together.
  • Lay out vocabulary flashcards picture side up. Someone says each word in Spanish, and you point to it.
  • Around the World where players try to say the word in Spanish first. (See my Curriculum Activities page.)
  • Grab the Vocab/Verb where students try to be the first to grab the picture card first or Spanish verb they hear in English.
  • Sort their conjugated verb flashcards into their groups – i.e. all “I” forms, “you” forms, “we” forms, etc.

There are so many more things you can do with flashcards. Be creative and see if you can make up a fun game or activity of your own.

Enjoy those flashcards!!
Spanish Verbs
Spanish Verbs
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