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Why I Teach the Spanish Vosotros

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vosotrosTo teach the Spanish “vosotros”  or not, that is the question!
I choose to teach it and put it in my curriculum for two main reasons.

The first reason is because it is part of the language. It is the second person plural form in conjugated verbs in all tenses as well as in grammatical items such as, personal pronouns, direct and indirect object pronouns, reflexive pronouns, possessive adjectives in their long and short forms, and possessive pronouns.

Take a look HERE.

As you can see, the “vosotros” form is an integral part of the Spanish language. Many people believe that if you teach the “vosotros” forms, then you are teaching “Spain” Spanish, but that is not true as long as you teach students when and where to use those forms.

I believe it is important to give students ALL of the language which leads me to the second reason I always teach the “vosotros”. It is because we never know where our children in their futures may end up wanting to or needing to use their Spanish.

From personal experience, I did my undergraduate study abroad in Spain. Had I not studied the “vosotros” forms, I would have been lost. Later, when I worked for several years in exporting for U.S. manufacturers, I had to be able to communicate in Spanish to all customers from Latin America AND Spain. Had I not been educated in ALL of the Spanish language, I would not have been able to do that job.

Here are some of the situations in which children may need or want to use Spanish in their future with people from Spain:

  • study abroad experiences in Spain during high school or college
  • college level studies in general – You can’t count on your child getting to college and then the “vosotros” form not being taught. Chances are pretty good that it WILL be taught.
  • college level studies that include reading literature from Spain
  • international jobs in business, government, or other areas
  • personal travel – Spain is a country many people love to visit. It would be a shame to study Spanish for several years, and then go to Spain and have great difficulty communicating with the people there.

​I think that if students are going to put so much time and effort into learning a language, I should include everything. To learn the “vosotros” forms after the fact can be a frustrating and daunting task.

I feel obligated to make sure that while students are learning, I am giving them everything I can to fulfill whatever possibilities their futures may bring.


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