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Using Pictures for Spanish Conversation

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Next week my students and I will be using pictures to practice Spanish conversation.  This is such an easy way to promote conversation in your classes.

Just look for pictures – from magazines, newspapers, clip art, personal photos, books – with content that will allow your students to use verbs and vocabulary they have been learning in Spanish.

Some ways you can use the pictures are:

  1. Put up one picture for your group to see. Then have students say sentences telling what is going on in the picture. For example, in the picture to the left above, the people are walking. In Spanish, a student might say, “La gente anda.” or “La gente está andando.”
  2. Have students describe the scene not only telling what is going on, but also describing people, the weather, things they see in the picture.  This will depend on what they have been learning.  For example, students who are using my Estaciones (Seasons) package will be able to describe the weather. For the middle picture above, they might say, “Hace buen tiempo y hay sol.”  (It is nice out, and it is sunny.)
  3. Put up several pictures that show a sequence. Together talk about the things that happen in the pictures sequencing them using words like primero (first), luego (next), and por fin (last).
  4. Ask questions to each other. Begin the conversation by asking students questions in Spanish about the pictures. They may be shy about this at first, but before you know it, many begin asking their own questions. Encourage them to choose someone to ask a question to.
  5. If you have a large group, break students into smaller groups of three.  After you have done some conversation practice together as a group, let them do the same in their groups.

The possibilities for using pictures to encourage speaking in Spanish is endless.

If you have ideas of how you think pictures could be used to encourage Spanish conversation, please drop them here and share!


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